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Book Avoriaz Ski Hire, Lift Passes and Transfers

Through Avoriaz Chalets you can book great value Ski Hire, Ski Lift Passes, Ski School and transfers from Geneva and great discounts compared to normal resort prices. We can cater for all ages and skill levels. Take a look at the prices tariffs below and use our booking form to send us your requirements. We’ll confirm availability and contact you for payment and take care of all of the rest, hassle free and a money saver too! What’s not to like…. Don’t forget to take a look at our extra value bundles for Ski Hire and Lift Passes!

2017/18 Prices for Ski Packages, Hire, Passes and Transfers

Ski & Snowboard Hire

All prices shown are in € - Pack prices include Skis/Board, Boots and Poles

Number of days0.51234567
Expert Pack2434.1368.25102.37136.50170.63171.75207.75
Expert Skis/Snowboard only18.75275481108135137.25166.50
Advanced pack2129.6359.2588.88118.50148.13149.25180.75
Advanced Skis/Snowboard only16.5023.2546.5069.7593116.25117.75144.75
Intermediate pack18.7526.6353.2579.88106.50133.13134.25162
Intermidate Skis/Snowboard only14.2519.8839.7559.6379.5099.37101.25129.75
Beginner Pack13.518.7537.556.257593.7596.75114
Beginner Skis/Snowboard only9.7514.2528.542.755771.2577.2591.5
Adult Boots only68.2516.524.753341.2541.2550.25
Adult helmet33.757.511.251518.7521.7526.25
Children's Equipment
Children > 1.5m11.2516.1332.2548.7564.508181.75101.25
Skis / Snowboard only912.7525.5038.2550.256363.7578.75
Children Height 1 - 1.5 m8.2511.6323.2535.2546.5058.5059.2573.50
Skis / Snowbaord only6917.2526.2535.2544.2544.2555.50
Children < 1.0m68.2516.5024.753341.2544.2551.75
Skis / snowboard only4.88611.2517.2522.5028.5030.7536
Children Boots only2.25369121515.7518.75
Junior Helmet1.52.625.258.2510.5013.5014.2518.75
Crosscoutnry Skis
Crosscountry pack68.2516.524.753341.2544.2551.75
Skis only4.88611.2517.2522.5028.5030.7536
Boots only2.25369121515.7518.75
Snow Shoes3.755.2510.515.752126.2531.536.75

PORTES DU SOLEIL Area - Lift Passes

Public rates until 31/03/2018. Prices shown in €*
Discounted client rates available. Please contact us for details.

5 hours47,00 35,00 42,00 42,00
1 day52,00 39,00 47,00 47,00
2 days99,00 74,00 89,00 89,00
3 days141,00 106,00 127,00 127,00
4 days182,00 137,00 164,00 164,00
5 days220,00 165,00 198,00 198,00
6  days260,00 195,00 234,00 234,00
7 days293,00 220,00 264,00 264,00
8 days324,00 243,00 292,00 292,00
9 days353,00 265,00 318,00 318,00
10 days378,00 284,00 340,00 340,00
11 days402,00 302,00 362,00 362,00
12 days424,00 318,00 382,00 382,00
13 days445,00 334,00 401,00 401,00
14 days464,00 348,00 418,00 418,00
15 days483,00 362,00 435,00 435,00
20 days558,00 419,00 502,00 502,00

Avoriaz Area - Lift Passes

Prices 2017/2018, valid from the 23rd Dec to 21st of April 2018. Prices shown in €*
Discounted client rates available. Please contact us for details.

5 hours37.0028.0034.0034.00
1 day43.0033.0039.0039.00
2 days80.0060.0072.0072.00
1 Day Saturday AVORIAZ32,0032,0032,0032,00
2 Days week-end (Saturday + Sunday) 59,0059,0059,0059,00
1 Day Park & Stash * 24.0024.0024.0024.00

* Limited Areas
Please note Avoriaz charge €3 additional fee per pass for hands-free pass production which will be added to these prices shown.
Adult : between 20 and 64 years old (inclusive)
Child : between 5 and 15 years old (inclusive)
Youth : between 16 and 19 years old (inclusive)
Senior : 65 years of age and above

Avoriaz Chalets Ski Bundles

Price includes full equipment hire of ski boots, skis, poles for 6 days and a 6 day Avoriaz lift pass.
Prices are valid all season for advance bookings only. Not available in resort. Prices shown in €*

Children - all levels 
under 15 yrs
Age 3 -5 < I meter height47.00*
Age 6 -8 1 - 1.5 m height220.00
Age 8 -11 > 1.5m height240.00
Age 8 -11 > 1.5 m height & under 15 yrs260.00
Beginner / Intermdeiate
Youth 16+300.00
Adult 20+310.00
Intermediate / Advanced
Youth 16+330.00
Adult 20+340.00

*Lift pass not required if under 5 years.

Ski School Classes

Assess your correct skill level to find lessons best suited to you. Prices show in €

Class LevelDescription
BeginnerYou have never skied before, it is time for you to learn the skiing fundamentals, and feel your first sliding sensations
Class 1You know how to take a ski lift, do snow-plough turns on a GREEN slope. Learn how to turn with more confidence and improve until you reach parallel skiing.
Class 2You sideslip and do long curves turning with parallel skis. You feel comfortable on BLUE slopes. Improve, get the right rhythm and confidence.
Class 3You know how to parallel turn on every kind of slopes, it is now time to master all curves, large turns, and wedeln.
Class 4You go from small curves to long turns on all kind of slopes. You will discover new areas and all types of snow. You will go off-pist and practice slalom.

Ski School Group Prices

Group ski lessons (up to 14 people). Prices show in €

6 full days239.00239.00
6 mornings141.00152.00
6 afternoons158.00162.00
1 day46.0051.00
1 morning34.0038.00
1 afternoon39.0044.00
 From 9.15am to 11.15am and from 2pm to 4.45pm (except saturday)

Snowboard School Group Prices

Group snowboard lessons (up to 14 people). Prices show in €

6 full days209.00222.00
6 half days181.00181.00
1 half day39.0044.00

Private Lesson Prices

One to one lessons (max 5 people) Prices show in €

2h (maximum)93.00
Discounted price 6x2h528.00
 Extra person (max 5 people)+10.00 per person/lesson
 All days from 9am to 5.30pm
2h (maximum)109.00
Discounted price 6x2h615.00
 Extra person (max 5 people)+10.00 per person/lesson
 All days from 11am to 5.30pm

Ski School Timetable

Alpine Skiing Group Lessons (kids and adults)9.15am to 11.15am02.00pm tp 04.25pm
Snowboarding Group Lessons (kids and adults)9.00am to 11.30am02.30pm to 05.00pm
Individual Lessons9.00am to 11.00am11.00am to 05.00pm
Alpine Skiing Group Lessons (kids and adults)9.00am to 11.00am02.15pm to 05.00pm
Alpine Skiing Prestige Group Lessons (+kids group lessons)11.15am to 01.15pm
Alpine Skiing Group Lessons (kids and adults)9.00am to 11.30am02.30pm to 05.00pm
Individual Lessons9.00am to 11.00am02.15pm to 05.00pm

Avoriaz Chalets Winter 17 / 18 Transfer Prices

All prices are return from Geneva airport all the way to the top in Avoriaz

1 pax95.00400.00
2 pax160.00400.00
3 pax230.00400.00
4 pax290.00415.00
5 pax315.00410.00
6 pax340.00410.00
7 pax360.00410.00
8 pax380.00410.00
9 pax475.00830.00
10 pax540.00830.00
All jouneys below are PRIVATE ONLY
1>8Geneva Train Station450.00
1>8Geneva Hotels450.00
1>8Thonon Station410.00
1>8Cluses Station410.00
1>8Chambery Airport750.00
1>8Grenoble Airport1,000.00
1>8Lyon Airport1,000.00

Book Ski Hire, Passes, Transfers and Ski School

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