Getting to Avoriaz
Getting to Avoriaz
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How To Get To Avoriaz

All You Need To Know About Getting To Avoriaz

If you’re booking your next ski trip and looking for  a destination that promises a fabulous ski experience and is really easy to get to, then Avoriaz is a great choice. 

This award-winning, high altitude family-friendly resort, set right at the heart of the vast Portes du Soleil region, one of the largest ski areas in the world, offers 650 km of fabulous ski and snowboard terrain, guaranteed snow and is easily accessible via air, road and rail. 

When you come for your ski holiday this winter, you have a wide choice of transport options and solutions for yourself, your family and friends as to how best to arrive with or without your own skis and equipment.

Let’s take a look at the best options of how to get there…

One of the many advantages of booking your ski holiday with Avoriaz Chalets is that we give you complete freedom to travel any way you chose and we give you the independence to book your journey from your home yourself according to your needs and wants.

We have put this guide together to share with you our suggestions and recommendations built up over 20 years, and while we are happy to answer any queries, we leave the decision as to how you travel entirely up to you.

Please note that Avoriaz Chalets is not able to book flights, trains, ferries or buses.

Flights To Avoriaz

Geneva, Switzerland, is the main gateway to Avoriaz: 101 kms and 1h40 mins

The majority of guests, chose to fly to their ski holiday and with Avoriaz, this couldn’t be easier. Geneva, being very close (110km), easily accessible, and boasting a short onward transfer, is the major airport gateway with plenty of flights from the UK and other European cities.

During the winter season, Geneva boasts an extended flight schedule with flights to and from most regional airports, in addition to the major international hubs making it super easy to fly from your local airport.

Numerous airlines fly to Geneva, including Swiss, EasyJet, FlyBe, Jet2, Lufthansa, British Airways, KLM, Aer Lingus, Air France, SAS, Brussels Airlines, Emirates, Qatar and Etihad are just a few of the many airlines that fly direct into Geneva. 

Things To Bear In Mind

Although there are other airports in the vicinity in France including Chambery, Lyon and Grenoble, we do NOT recommend flying into any of these. Not only are these airports approximately 2-3 hours away, making your transfer longer, but significantly there are no shared or shuttle transfer services operating from any of them to Avoriaz and you will either have to rent a car or take a private taxi.

This might sound OK, but a taxi will be very expensive, think of approximately €300 and up each way and a rental car will need to be equipped with full winter kit including snow chains, you should be familiar with using and driving in snow and you will then have to pay to park it for the week in Avoriaz.

Do note that while many of the package tour operators use Lyon and Grenoble as gateways, you should be prepared for a long transfer which could involve you departing and or arriving in the early hours of the morning, which in the winter with sub-zero temperatures is not ideal.

If flying to Avoriaz is your choice, then we highly recommend that you cost in baggage charges in addition to your actual seat. Some airlines such as SWISS carry skis and boots for free if you select a baggage inclusive fare while others charge extra.

Don’t forget to give yourself some extra time to get your equipment checked in, and when you arrive at Geneva, don’t forget that your skis will arrive on the outside baggage belt.

Connecting Transport From Airports To Avoriaz Resort


We strongly recommend booking our fast airport transfers, when arriving and departing at Geneva airport. These operate 24x7 in the winter, are bespoke according to your flight schedule, will bring you all the way up to the top station in Avoriaz and are very cost-effective and reliable.

The journey time is approximately 1 ½ - 2 hours, depending on traffic. Prices start from just €25 pp. To book your transfer simply click Book my transfers url here

Many of the transfer operators offer “cheap” shuttles between Geneva and Prodains. Prodains is often marketed as “Lower Avoriaz”, but in actual fact, it is not Avoriaz at all, but it is part of Morzine and is connected to Avoriaz by a cable car.

This cable car operates for pedestrians and residents daily during the winter season from 07:00 with midnight closing on Friday and Saturday, a 22:00 closing on Sunday and a 21:00 closing through the week. Please note that the service is paused every day between 19:30 and 19:55.

As a general rule, we do NOT recommend using Prodains as a general entry point to Avoriaz.

We therefore advise against “cheap” transfers between Geneva airport and Avoriaz Cable Car, as you will be dropped at Prodains and your transfer could end up being very problematic and expensive. This is because, the cable car does not start until 7am each day and during the week closes at 9pm so can only reliably serve flights operating from lunchtime – afternoon and unless your lift pass starts on the day you arrive and ends on the day you fly home, which is invariably not the case, you will need to pay to use the cable car to travel up to Avoriaz and back at the end of your holiday.

The cable car costs approximately €9 per adult each way Even then you will arrive right at the bottom of Avoriaz, and you will need onward transport within Avoriaz, which is more difficult to arrange from here and will be payable on top. The “hidden” additional cost of arriving and departing via Prodains could be approximately €25-€35 per person, depending on what in-resort transport you require.

Bear in mind that for a family of 4 this could add €100 to the cost of your “cheap” transfer and for a group of 8 somewhere €200-€280. If you book our transfers, they will take you all the way up to the top in Avoriaz, for very little extra than going to Prodains, from where you can either walk or take a horse drawn sledge to your chalet or apartment.
Many of our properties are just a short walk from where your transfer shuttle will drop you. If you have a lot of luggage or prefer not to walk, then jump into a horse drawn sleigh right to your front door, for which the average cost is +/- €10-€15 per journey. 

Self Drive

Driving To Avoriaz

Many people prefer to drive to Avoriaz. Bringing your own car from home, does mean you can pack whatever you wish to bring with you and offers you the complete freedom of the open road, but bear in mind that you will need to transport everything you bring onwards to your accommodation and that as our properties are extremely well-equipped, you are unlikely to actually need a lot of additional or extra equipment.

If you do prefer to self-drive to Avoriaz, there are motorways connecting with the Channel Ferry ports of Calais, Dunkirk, Dieppe, Le Harvre, Caen and the Eurotunnel if driving from the UK and through France, Switzerland, Germany and Italy if you are driving from continental Europe.

The autoroutes (motorways) in France are paid toll roads, which you can pay by cash or credit card. The cost depends on the type of vehicle and the stretch of road that you are on, but you should factor in approximately €80 each way for an average size car for the motorway tolls for the 900km journey from Calais to Avoriaz. Under normal traffic conditions, this should take approximately 8-9 hours, but in peak season such as Christmas / New Year and February, or if traffic is heavy, it could take considerably longer.

Don’t forget that during the winter months, your vehicle must be equipped for driving in snow and snow chains are mandatory. You should take time to familiarise yourself with using these and you must carry additional safety equipment for driving in France (see link)

Bear in mind that in winter the road up to Avoriaz from Morzine is quite winding in places and although snow clearers operate every day in winter, conditions can be hard to drive in.

Once you arrive to Avoriaz, you will need to park your car in one of the dedicated  car parks at the entrance to the resort, from where you can take a horse drawn sleigh or traction vehicle to your accommodation. There is a choice of indoor or outdoor car parks. Both are payable. We recommend booking the indoor car park in advance. See our guide to Car Parking in Avoriaz or book your car parking space now at 


Avoriaz is a snow bound car-free resort. In fact it is the only car free resort in France giving you the added advantage of having a natural traffic free holiday. This means that all vehicles (except traction and horse drawn sleighs) are prohibited from entering the resort and are parked in purpose-built car parks at the entrance to the resort.

Indoor / Covered parking

There are 3 large covered car parks;  Parking Falaise (300 spaces), Parking Proclou (540 spaces) & Parking Plateau (860 spaces). They are all located at the entrance to Avoriaz and are open 24 hours a day throughout the season. 

Parking fees at any of the indoor car parks are around €16 per day or €93 per week. We strongly recommend booking in advance, particularly during peak weeks and you can do so directly on the Avoriaz Parkings website. Bear in mind that the height restriction for Parking Falaise and Parking Proclou is 1.90m, and for the Parking Plateau it is 2.30m. If you have a larger car, a roof box or a 4-wheel drive then Parking Plateau is the one for you.

On arrival, resort staff are available to greet you and arrange transport for you (if necessary) from the parking area to your accommodation via one of the in-resort transportation methods. Please also note that the majority of our properties, depending on luggage, can easily be reached on foot from the indoor car parks / arrival welcome centre.

Outdoor parking

There is a large outdoor car park approximately 800 meters from the resort entrance. With 600 parking spaces available this car park requires no pre-booking. It is open 24 hours a day and the winter tariffs are from €10 per day or €65 per week. Although, it is slightly cheaper than the indoor ones, being further away, you will need to take a paid horse drawn sledge or traction vehicle to reach all properties. A significant factor to bear in mind is that in heavy snow, which is very common in the winter, your car will quickly become buried in the outdoor car park and you could need to dig it out at the end of your holiday. For this reason, we strongly recommend pre-reserving a parking space in the indoor car parks.

Please, check times, dates and fees at the time of parking as these are run by the local tourist office and are subject to  change.

Disabled parking

There are reserved disabled spaces in the indoor and outdoor car parks located just outside of Avoriaz. For more information on disabled parking and access contact Avoriaz parking where you can also book your parking space in the indoor car parks.


Trains To Avoriaz

There are two train stations within easy distance to Avoriaz:

The nearest train stations for Avoriaz are Cluses and Thonon-les-bains in France, which are both around 1 hour away by road, or Geneva Cornavin, in Switzerland, which is approximately 2 hours away, but has the added advantage of shared transfers.

Geneva Cornavin

Trains to Geneva take approximately 7 hours from London, 5 hours from Milan, 3 hours from Zurich and 2 hours from Lyon. If you are arriving at Geneva, you can hop on the frequent rail shuttle to the airport, that takes approximately 10 minutes, to connect with a shared transfer direct to Avoriaz from €25 pp or select a private transfer direct from Geneva Cornavin €235 for up to 8 passengers.
Book your Geneva train station transfer here – url.

Cluses / Thonon-les-Bains

Trains to either of these stations take about 8 hours from London and 4-5 hours from Paris, If you are arriving at Cluses or Thonon les Bains, you have the option of the public bus to Prodains or Avoriaz or a private airport transfer or taxi.
The bus can be cost effective if you are just one or 2 people ( a single ticket is approximately €15 pp each way).

However, if you are arriving with ski equipment and children, using the public bus system can be more hassle than its worth. You have to weigh up the cost saving vs. difficulty and time factors as a private taxi for up to 4 people is about €90 rising to €215 for a mini-bus for 8 people. We advise you to speak to us and to check the bus timetable to verify operating times and current prices, as the timetable varies considerably according to the day and month. Also, bear in mind that if you take a bus to Prodains, you will have additional cable car and onward transport costs (see Prodains)

Taking the train is a very good fast, cost-effective option if you are coming from Paris, Lyon, Bern, Zurich, Milan or other French and or Swiss cities, but if coming from further afield, it involves a much longer travel time, compared to flying. On the up side, you do get to see the beautiful French and Swiss landscapes, there is no excess charge for your ski equipment, but on the downside you may have to change stations / platforms and carry your luggage so we really only recommend the train if travelling from one of the destinations listed. 

In Resort Transport

Being a car free resort, most people in Avoriaz move around either on foot or on skis and the resort is compact and designed to allow you to do this easily. There is a network of escalators and lifts to allow you to ascend heights and one of the chair lifts is open to pedestrians (subject to ticket). There are times when you may require in-resort transport, such as when arriving and departing with luggage, a big shop at the supermarket or if you fancy a scenic horse drawn sleigh ride. For this reason, the resort operates in-resort transport 24 x 7. Depending on the time of day / night and availability this will either be a private horse drawn sleigh or a shared purpose-built traction vehicle.

Fares start from €8 depending on the route. Please note these are not bookable in advance but are generally available on demand and operate on a rota system. They can be ordered through the Avoriaz transport office when you are ready to depart.


Finally, if you’re travelling from the UK or another European port town, then you might consider catching a cross-channel ferry, and then jumping on the train or coach from there.

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