Avoriaz caters for all ages and all snow disciplines, some of which we have detailed below. One of the biggest questions people often ask is whether they should ski or board? We give our view below, but rest assured whichever you choose, you’ve coming to the right place!


Famous as Europe’s premier car-free ski-in-ski-out resort, Avoriaz boasts an extensive range of lifts and pistes of all grades from green to black as well as unlimited off-piste all from the convenience of your doorstep. Whether you prefer gentle wide groomed slopes, off-piste forest trails or steep challenging couloirs, or are a beginner, progressing intermediate or expert, Avoriaz has it all.


Avoriaz is considered by many to be the snowboarding capital of Europe and is certainly one of the top snowboarding resorts in The Alps. Home to The Stash, Jake Burton’s original eco-park and with 4 snowparks, a half-pipe and limitless free ride and off-piste, we can guarantee that you’ll have a blast and be among friends in Avoriaz, whatever your style of boarding is.


If you love to perfect your 360s and back flips, then Avoriaz 1800 has 4 dedicated snowparks, the most famous of which is the Stash, designed by Jake Burton and the first of its kind in the Alps. The STASH and its smaller version, the LIL’STASH are 2 iconic and eco-friendly snowparks where the modules are made from dead wood collected in the local forests.


Suitable for both Intermediates and Experts, the Stash is the iconic eco-friendly snow park of Avoriaz 1800. Situated in the heart of the forest between Avoriaz and Lindarets, the Stash comprises an expanse of forest trails and secret passageways on ungroomed snow, scattered with over a 100 wooden sculptures and modules.


If you dream of fresh powder and love the thrill and exhilaration of ungroomed slopes, you will be right at home in our multiple freeride areas. Unlike off-piste, freeride slopes are monitored by the ski patrol who make them safe by artificially triggering avalanches and placing markers at danger spots, so you can let your yourself slide in the wild!


If you are an expert skier or boarder and dream of waking up to knee deep fresh powder, Avoriaz has an almost unlimited supply of off-piste terrain comprising big open bowls, wooded forest trails and steep couloirs so you can catch the first lift to make fresh tracks. Don’t forget your full avalanche safety gear and we recommend taking a local guide.


Looking to perfect your grabs, tricks, spins and somersaults? Aside from its 4 snowparks, Avoriaz is one of the few Alpine resorts to have its own full size superpipe. It’s also well maintained on. daily basis and never overly busy. Easily accessible at the base of Arare and open to all, you will be perfecting your acrobatics in no time.


If you are energetic and love getting away from the crowds and making fresh tracks, then ski-touring or split boarding is for you. Avoriaz offers 3 trails dedicated to touring. Starting from either the top or bottom of the Prodains Express cable car, you can follow the specific way markers along the side of the piste and beyond to the top of the legendary Arare ridge! Remember to take a snack and a drink to enjoy with the fabulous views at the summit!


Avoriaz 23km of trails, start right in the resort, and lead away through the quiet of the snowy clad pine forests and across the sun drenched wide open plateaus of Proclou, offering exceptional views of the resort and the surrounding peaks. Enjoy a picnic in the sunshine or at one of the local restaurants in the forest for a well-earned rest and appreciate a different type of winter sport.


Ski Joëring is the name for being pulled along by a horse on skis. There is the option to have a go at this in Avoriaz and is suitable for immediate level skiers and above. Enjoy the pleasure of gliding gracefully across the slopes to the jingle of bells.